We aim to make a significant impact in the digital security space

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Mtwiza is the Shona word for Giraffe. It's the only animal in the African bush with a unique vantage point that towers over its surroundings.

Ethics govern effective security

Security companies occupy a place of privilege. Mtwiza Cyber takes this role very seriously, and as such subscribes fully to the codes of ethics of both ISC2 and ISACA.


Ensuring the right access for the right people


Safeguarding the accuracy & completeness of information processing


Ensuring authorised people have access when it's needed

We simplify the complex world of digital security

Business owners are often overwhelmed by the daunting jargon, technical detail and hype surrounding digital security and its potential impact on their business. We aim to calm things down and assist business owners in facing these challenges and to help position them for success on their digital security journey.

We aim to make an impact on the digital security landscape

Mtwiza Cyber is a young but experienced South African company that aims to make a significant impact in the digital security space, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses, and businesses without sufficient digital security skills.

Our ambition is to serve as a conduit for young people who want to enter the ever-evolving and interesting world of digital security.

Mtwiza Cyber was founded by James Durand, who migrated from the corporate world with more than 20 years of experience in IT operations, governance, risk and compliance and information security.