Digital risk mitigation for smaller businesses

Mtwiza Cyber uses class-leading hardware and cloud-based software for continuous security monitoring and management of your business.

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Almost half of all data breach victims are small businesses*

Smaller business owners often believe they don't need to worry about digital security because of their size. However, the data used by smaller businesses are just as valuable as the data used by corporations. Neglecting to implement appropriate security measures leaves smaller businesses open to being hacked, infected by ransomware and attacked by threat actors.

43% of data breach victims are small businesses*

63% of attacks are successful*

71% of breaches are financially motivated*

* Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2019)


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Run a free simulation with Check Point to assess your exposure to Zero Day attack, browser exploits, data leakage and more.

Please note that you will be asked for your email address at the end of the simulation to receive a full report. Mtwiza Cyber will then follow up with you by email.

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Every security threat demands a unique solution

All businesses have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by highly-skilled criminals with extensive resources. You need specific tools to counter these digital threats.

Comprehensive protection includes:

Intrusion Prevention

Real-time network scanning and active intrusion prevention

Next Generation Firewall

Advanced threat intelligence to block dangerous applications

Site-to-Site VPN

Securely connect an office network to a remote location


Detect and remove malicious code


Prevent dangerous automated scripts

Web Filtering

Deny access to specific websites

Get enterprise-grade digital security at a small business price

The size of your business is no longer a barrier to implementing the best commercially-available digital security. Mtwiza Cyber can implement the security you need to protect your small business.

Continuous security monitoring and management

Personalised software and hardware solutions

Digital risk management consulting

Legal Compliance

Mtwiza Cyber can help you comply with the new PoPI Act

The new Protection of Personal Information Act directly affects all businesses that process customer data. Businesses need to update their system workflows before 1 July 2021 to comply with the new law.

Eight conditions for compliance:

Accountability Processing Limitation Purpose Specific Further Processing Limitation Information Quality Openness Security Safeguards Data Subject Participation Contact for More

Ethics govern effective security

Security companies occupy a place of privilege. Mtwiza Cyber takes this role very seriously, and as such subscribes fully to the codes of ethics of both ISC2 and ISACA.


Ensuring the right access for the right people


Safeguarding the accuracy & completeness of information processing


Ensuring authorised people have access when it's needed

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